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First Steps

Creating an Avatar

After your subscription is successfully activated you will find a new menu option under "Your Account" called "Your Avatar". Using this option you can create an avatar, if you have not done so. If you already have an avatar you can change the password you use to login to the World (NOT the website!!) and edit your avatar's profile.

Now that you have created an avatar, we will guide you to help you connect to the World of Begabungs and to get started with your virtual life inworld.

Choosing a viewer

To login to the World of Begabungs you have to download and install a special program called a viewer. At the moment there are two viewers we recommend for your usage:

  • Imprudence Viewer
    The Imprudence Viewer is available for most operating systems. It is fairly easy to use and allows you to use most of the features of our world. The Version available in the download section has been preconfigured, so you just have to select the World of Begabungs in the dropdown.
  • ZEN Viewer
    The ZEN Viewer is available only for Windows users. It has all the bells and whistles and takes advantage of all the features our world offers. However this comes at a price. It is more complex to use and is meant more for advanced users

Both viewers are available in our Download-Section. You may of course use any viewer you like (there is a list in our knoweledgebase), but if you have problems we are not able to help you, unless you use one of the two approved viewers.

Configuring the viewer for use with World of Begabungs

Once you have installed and started the browser, you have to tell it how to connect to the World of Begabungs. Both viewers offer a feature called "Gridmanager" which will do most of the setup automagically. In the Imrudence viewer it is a button in the login-screen (see picture).

The ZEN-viewer's Gridmanager is in the Settings Menu (see picture).

The Gridmanager needs two items of information:

  • Grid Nick
    This is the short or nick name of the world you want to setup. It is the name of the world you select in the login screen. Please enter this: Begabungs
  • Login-URL
    The login-URL tells the viewer where to connect to. In case of the World of Begabungs please enter this value:

Once you have entered above information, click on the button "Get Info". The viewer will now connect to the World of Begabungs and request all the additional information it needs to setup the connection correctly. Now click on "Done" and you are ready to go.

Connecting to the World of Begabungs

Now you are all set to go. In the login screen of the viewer enter the name of your avatar and the password you chose, when you created the avatar. Make sure you have the World of Begabungs selected as the grid to connect to. After you click on the Login-button the viewer will connect you to the World of Begabungs. It may take a moment for everything to load, but after a short moment you should see your avatar standing in our Welcome Area.



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