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The Team

Here we would like to introduce the people behind the World of Begabungs, who you can also meet inworld:

Roya Klingner

Roya Klingner is head of the Global Center for Gifted and Talented Children, that is the owner of the World of Begabungs. She is responsible for the pedagogic things and leader of the mentor team. If you have questions about creating things inworld, creating textures, or teaching inworld, she is the one to ask. The name of her avatar is Roya Klingner.

Klaus-E. Klingner

Besides being Roya's husband he is responsible for the technical part. He is webmaster, worldadministrator, and scripter. If you need help with anything technical he is your man. His avatar is called Till Stirling.

Besides the two we have a team of mentors to help you with your projects inworld. We will introduce them over the next months.

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