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Creating and maintaining a world like the World of Begabungs and its companion website is not a work of a small team like ours. We are very grateful to the following persons for creating and providing content for our world and website:

  • Linda Kellie (Western Town, Magic Kingdom, and a lot of other great inworld stuff)
  • Justin K. Reeve (Ocean Lab)
  • (Opensim Joomla integration)
  • the OpenSim Developer Team (Justin CC, Diva Canto, Melanie, core, and all the others)
  • the authors of the many great Joomla extensions, which make my life as webmaster easier
  • and the many others I might have forgotten to mention!

Of course I have to mention our Team of Mentors. But most importantly, my wife Roya Klingner, who has dedicated her life to cause of gifted children, for her support and encouragement!

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